Vera & John Guaranteed Winnings Continue In June

Vera & John Guaranteed Winnings Continue In June.

With the month of May resulting in 31 players  walking away with $10,000 in Vera & John Guaranteed Winnings promotion, ten more having their wishes fulfilled and one lucky gambler walking taking home the top monthly prize of $100,000, regular visitors will be thrilled to find that guaranteed winnings are continuing in June.

For those not familiar with the online casino’s regular payouts policy, should a prize of at least $5,000 not be won at Vera & John Casino each day, the site will top up the nearest winner’s total to match that sum. At the end of the month, meanwhile, this offer is extended even further to ensure that if one lucky gambler hasn’t walked away with at least $50,000, the same system will be applied.

During the month of May, however, Vera and John Casino blew their previous offer out of the water by doubling the daily and monthly guarantees – and the promotion proved so popular that the site has decided to extend the offer for a second consecutive month. That means that for each day in June, someone will take home at least $10,000, while at the end of the month, $100,000 is up for grabs.

If you’re still struggling to grasp the concept of the promotion, allow us to explain it in real gaming terms. Let’s say that you’re playing on Aloha! Cluster Pays and you score a crazy win of $8,000. Providing no one in the same 24-hour period manages to beat that amount, Vera & John Casino will automatically top up your winnings by a further $2,000 to fulfil their daily $10,000 prize guarantee.

OK, we know what you’re thinking. “I’m a low stakes slots player – how on earth can I hope to get close to $10,000 without getting extremely lucky?” It’s a valid point and one that Vera & John have certainly taken into account, as in addition to the guaranteed prize money promotion, there’s also a guaranteed coins offer that allows players at all stakes to secure themselves a piece of the action.

With everything you do at Vera & John guaranteed winnings resulting in you earning coins, here customers aren’t being rewarded for playing at higher stakes, but rather playing consistently. Throughout the month of May, the average amount of coins being earned each day was between 5,000 and 6,000, so if you think you can top that number through sustained play in June, you could earn 10,000 coins for free.

Naturally, this provides a tonne of extra value to regular players at Vera & John Casino, so if you fancy getting your hands on this fantastic bonus or stepping up stakes and taking a shot at a guaranteed $10,000 every day, you have until the end of the month to take advantage of this offer.

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