UK Gambling Commission Adds New Slot Regulations

UK Gambling Commission Adds New Slot Regulations.

The UK Gambling Commission have introduced a trio of new auto play and reality check regulations that could significantly affect how UK-based players approach gambling using online video slots.

An independent public body sponsored by the Department for Media, Culture and Sport, the UKGC was set up under the Gambling Act of 2015 with the remit of making all commercial gambling – particularly that taking place online – safe for players in Britain who might otherwise lose their way.

The three new measures introduced by the UKGC will be aimed at slot players and will be specifically focused on auto play options to give users more control over how much they put at risk and when they stop playing. Though the features proposed by the UKGC will not be present in all online slots, most leading software providers have announced their intentions to include them in future titles.

The three new controls on mobile slots with auto play mode set to be imposed by the UKGC are as follows:

Loss Limit

Upon starting auto play mode on their chosen slot, players will be prompted to set a loss limit at an amount they are comfortable losing. Should they hit this loss limit during auto play spins, the game will stop e.g. if £100 is your loss limit and your arrears for the session total £100, auto play will cease.

Single Win Limit

The opposite of the aforementioned loss limit, the single win limit will see players enter a winning amount that will automatically stop auto play mode when it is hit. For example, if you set your single win limit at £100 and a spin awards this amount or more, auto play mode will stop until re-activated.

Jackpot Win

Essentially the single win limit taken to its logical conclusion, players using the jackpot limit during auto play mode will see the game stop whenever they hit the maximum payout. This gives players time to reflect on the prize amount that they have won and consider the possibility of cashing out.

In addition to the three UKGC-sanctioned measures, Novomatic slots at some online casinos also feature a countdown timer to enable players to decide how long they play for. Designed to stop users from spending too much time chasing their losses, the maximum session with the countdown timer active is two hours, which should be more than enough for all but the most dedicated players.

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