Gonzo’s Quest Set For VR Slot Machine Makeover

Gonzo’s Quest Set For VR Slot Machine Makeover.

Popular casino software providers NetEnt have announced that they will shortly be joining the tech revolution with the launch of their first real money VR slot machine, Gonzo’s Quest VR.

The announcement came at this month’s ICE Totally Gaming conference, an annual expo that enables members of the online casino and iGaming industries to showcase their upcoming wares.

Hosted in London’s ExCel centre, the event provided the perfect stage for NetEnt to share their new innovation with the casino community and give a brief demonstration of what players can expect.

Though the company will not officially release the game until the end of 2017 at the earliest, work has already begun on Gonzo’s Quest VR and NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson couldn’t hide his excitement.

Is VR Slot Machine Tech The Future?

“We firmly believe that VR has a given place in the future of online gaming based, based on our research and the trends that we monitor,” Mr Eriksson explained. “We remain focused on delivering the ultimate entertainment experience by taking this first step towards developing our first real-money VR slot. This is a milestone for NetEnt and the gaming industry.”

In the animated trailer for the Gonzo’s Quest VR slot machine – which can currently be viewed on YouTube as either a 360-degree video for those without VR capability or a fully-immersive experience for those with a compatible headset – players will get to witness the slot’s titular hero, Gonzo, in fully-rendered 3D graphics wander through an Amazonian jungle setting clutching a map as he searches for treasure.

Confounded by a wall of stone faces, Gonzo then tosses his map away in frustration at being unable to surmount this obstacle, but just as he does the blocks tumble away to provide him with a path – a clear allusion to the game’s tumbling reels feature, which sees players string together combo wins.

Unfortunately, just as he attempts to walk off into the sunset, a new set of stone faces fall down into place, with these representing the game’s five reels. Play now begins just as it would in the normal game, only now players can look around their environment and see the pay-tables written on a wall.

Although still clearly a work in progress, the demo hints at a greater level of immersion which could well pave the way for the VR slot machine revolution – and if the noises coming from NetEnt are anything to go by, they’re one company that will certainly be at the forefront of things as technology advances.

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