Escape The Cold With bgo’s Holiday Giveaway

Escape The Cold With bgo’s Holiday Giveaway.

No matter what way you look at it, January is a depressing time of the year in most parts of the northern hemisphere – and while bgo can’t change that per se, they can help you escape to altogether cheerier climes this month courtesy of their amazing Holiday Giveaway Promotion.

An incentive quite unlike any we’ve seen before, from now until the end of January, four lucky players will walk away from the site with a holiday voucher worth £2,000. This prize can be put towards or used to entirely pay for a trip anywhere in the world with as many people as you desire!

If you like the sound of that, you’ll be pleased to know that taking part is simple. Each week in January, a special prize draw will be conducted where the winner’s name will be chosen at random. In order to earn tickets to said prize draw, players simply have to deposit and wager £10 on any of their favourite slots – and the more money they stake, the better their odds of winning will become.

The first week of the promotion comes to an end this Saturday, but with only a £10 spend required to earn a ticket, there’s still plenty of time to get your name into the virtual hat. Remember, the draw is entirely random, so even though earning multiple tickets can seriously improve your chances of landing the £2,000 holiday, even a single entry might prove to be the difference if you’re lucky.

After the first prize draw takes place, the second week of the promotion will begin that Sunday. Tickets for this draw can again be earned until the following Saturday, with this process repeating again and again until the final prize draw of the Holiday Giveaway unfolds on Monday 30 January.

If you’re fortunate enough to be one of the four lucky winners to receive a £2,000 holiday voucher but happen to rather like the bleak charms of January in your home city, you’ll also be pleased to hear that a cash alternative is available – however this will be worth £1,000 if you choose to take it.

Remember, if you’ve not yet signed up at bgo Casino you’ll get 20 Starburst spins just for registering and then be able to take advantage of a 200% welcome bonus up to £400 when you load your account.

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