Prepare Yourself For Super Reel Races At Casumo

Prepare Yourself For Super Reel Races At Casumo.

Are you ready to participate in one of this year’s hottest promotions? Well, if so, get on down to Casumo Casino where you’ll be able to compete for real money cash prizes in Super Reel Races every day throughout the month of June.

For those who are not already familiar with Reel Races at Casumo, the site offers a free-to-enter slot tournament every 30 minutes where successful players can get their hands on a share of great free spins prizes. Throughout June, however, these half-hourly races will be further supplemented by special Super Reel Races every evening at 19:00 GMT or 20:00 CET for those playing across Europe.

What Are Super Reel Races?

It is these Super Reel Races that are the main focus of the Summer Prizewave promotion at Casumo casino and, indeed, the thing that we’ll look at in more detail throughout this article. While these races do also exist all year round, normally the prizes that are paid out to the top five finishers are capped at £/€1,000 in cash – this month, however, they could earn between £/€2,000 and £/€5,000.

Okay, so now you know what’s at stake every evening in June – but that doesn’t mean much unless you know how to actually participate in a Reel Race. If the concept is entirely new to you, allow us to explain. Reel Races are essentially fast-paced casino tournaments where the goal is to win as much as possible within a set time frame. Every night, Casumo will choose a new game along with a minimum bet amount and a time limit, and you’ll then have to spin up as many points as you can.

Although points are awarded for any kind of win, you’ll receive ever-improving bonuses for wins of 30x and 50x your stake, while additional points are also dished out every time you land three wins in a row. Furthermore, if you’re really lucky and land two big wins within the allocated time frame, you’ll receive yet another points bonus to go along with what should be a fairly sizeable payout.

Of course, the great thing about Reel Races is that they’re exceptionally fair. You don’t need deep pockets to play them and anyone can win. These points – coupled with the fact that all players are competing on the same game – ensure that everyone begins on a level playing field and success or failure simply comes down to how well you happen to do on that particular night. So, why not try them out for yourself this month and see if you can’t bag yourself an additional £/$5,000 cash prize?

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