Ocean Themed Slot Released With Play ‘N Go’s Sea Hunter

Ocean Themed Slot Released With Play ‘N Go’s Sea Hunter.

If you’re the type of mobile slots player who enjoys venturing into the shark-infested waters of high variance slots, you’ll love Play ‘N Go’s brand new Sea Hunter game – an ocean themed slot that is capable of delivering explosive payouts thanks to its four bonus features.

With just three reels and five paylines, Sea Hunter initially looks like a fairly basic slot; dive beneath the surface, however, and you’ll soon discover that there’s much more to it than first meets the eye. Rather than having to hit scatter symbols to activate the game’s features, players are rewarded for landing successive winning spins, with more payouts in a row resulting in bigger and better bonuses.

First rung on the consecutive wins ladder is the Growth Gun, which is activated after two payouts in a row. This feature sees a cannon fired at one regular symbol, with all instances of that symbol then being upgraded to the next most valuable icon and any new payouts being calculated accordingly.

After that, four consecutive wins will land you the Sticky Shot feature. Here again, a cannon will fire at the reels and hit one symbol. All instances of that symbol on the gameboard will then lock in place, with free respins then occurring indefinitely so long as further icons are added to the cluster.

Land five winning spins in a row and you’ll activate the Wild Warhead feature, which adds between one and three wilds to the reels on the next spin, thereby virtually guaranteeing a healthy payout. Finally, six winning spins in a row will trigger the top level Multiply Mortar feature, which will award one guaranteed win spin with a random multiplier worth up to an incredible 15x then being applied.

Let’s Sea What We Think…

Naturally, these four features can all result in significant payouts, but that shouldn’t gloss over the fact that playing Sea Hunter is anything but plain sailing. Indeed, the ocean themed slot game’s exceedingly high variance makes for some pretty choppy waters and if you go on a prolonged run without landing any of the bonuses, it’s quite easy to see your bankroll sink without a trace. That being said, the game is certainly an enjoyable way to spend a few spins for any players still willing to take the plunge.

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