Celebrate The Month Of Rizkmas At Rizk Casino

Celebrate The Month Of Rizkmas At Rizk Casino.

If you’re sick of the same old advent calendar-style promotions that pop up around this time of year, why not get yourself over to Rizk Casino this month and try out something completely different?  Every day from now until December 31, players will be able to celebrate Rizkmas with 50 free spins so long as they level up their account within the same 24-hour period – and that means there are still well over 1,000 bonus games up for grabs if you sign up today and take advantage immediately.

Although the promotion is technically available to all Rizk Casino players, those creating new accounts will have a much easier time of moving up through the levels as there are lower point thresholds when you first start playing. Each new level you reach will also entitle you to one spin of the famous Wheel of Rizk, where further bonus games and real money prizes are also up for grabs.

Regardless of whether you’re Level 1 or Level 50, you’ll receive the same 50 spins every time you progress and that means you can initially secure a sleigh-load of bonus games for relatively little investment. What’s more, at Levels 5, 10 and every 10 levels after that you’ll also receive a spin on the Rizk Super Wheel, where the prizes on offer are even bigger than they are on the regular wheel.

While you’re likely to move up three or four levels in the time it takes you to work off your initial 200% up to £/€/$100 deposit bonus, the smart way to tackle the Rizkmas promotion is to do it incrementally. By this we mean that if you’ve already earned 50 free spins for the current 24-hour period, you should stop just before you reach the next level and complete the job the following day.

This will maximise the number of bonus games that you earn, as levelling up after midnight will give you 50 free spins for the next 24 hour period and so on. What’s more, the free spins that you unlock come with no wagering requirements whatsoever, so the cash you earn from them is yours to keep.

Each set of 50 free spins that you take will also count towards the levelling up process required for the next set, meaning that if you’re really lucky, it’s possible to earn hundreds of bonus games without ever spending a cent of real money. Couple that with the additional cash you’ll make from spinning the Wheel of Rizk and Rizk Super Wheel and you’ll get into the Rizkmas spirit in no time.

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