Join The Easter Egg Hunt At Guts Casino

Join The Easter Egg Hunt At Guts Casino.

Imagine a mobile casinos promotion that had all the fun and excitement of an Easter egg hunt but replaced those tooth-rotting chocolate orbs with free spins bonuses with no wagering requirements.

While it sounds too good to be true, that’s precisely what’s going on over at Guts Casino this month as from now until May 1st, players can get their hands on a fortune of bonuses every time they visit.

Indeed, players logging in to the popular mobile casino site this month will notice that a new “chocolate bar” icon appears at the top of their screen. Then, when they begin playing on their favourite slots or casino games, they’ll notice that this bar fills for every spin made or wager placed.

Once the chocolate bar has been completely filled, players will be rewarded with a chocolate egg, which they’ll then be prompted to crack on to reveal a choice of two prizes. Typically, players will be offered an identical number of free spins on two different games, so if you know your slots well, you’ll be able to pick the title that best suits your playing style and increases your earning potential.

This being Guts Casino, however, the fun certainly doesn’t stop there. As you’ll typically fill up your first chocolate bar relatively quickly, the great news is that a new one will appear every time you earn a chocolate egg. What’s more, the rewards contained in each chocolate egg become progressively better for each bar that’s successfully completed – and that means more bonus games.

Additionally, you might find that you’ll receive a £1 or £3 super spin, with these high value free spins potentially being worth hundreds or even thousands if you’re lucky enough to land a bonus feature or high value symbol combination on the featured slot. Remember, as stated above, both the free spins and super spins come with no wagering requirements, so what you win really is yours to keep.

As a final sweetener to an already pretty mouth-watering deal, Guts will also be offering a series of daily deposit bonuses for the duration of their Easter Egg Hunt promotion. With these providing players with cash matches and further free spins, they’ll get the opportunity to add to their current chocolate bar without risking any of their hard-earned bankroll, making the offer too good to refuse.

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