Do Away With Your New Year Resolution At Guts Casino

Do Away With Your New Year Resolution At Guts Casino.

We know, we know. It’s almost the end of January and you were doing so well with your New Year resolution, but let’s be honest – all that healthy stuff and dieting is a lot less fun than eating donuts.

Fortunately, over at Guts Casino they say to hell with self-improvement and the site are instead encouraging players to eat their way to a selection of free spins from now until the end of January.

Of course, this being an online casino promotion the whole “eating” thing is a merely a gimmicky way of tapping into those desires that players haven’t sated since vowing to go cold turkey in January, with participants having to collect “donuts” by taking spins on their favourite casino games.

Once they’ve collected enough donuts, players will be prompted to select from two “New Year Resolutions” – with this essentially being a choice of which slot they’d rather take their free spins on – and they’ll then be awarded 15 free games on their preferred title with which boost their bankroll.

What’s more, there’s an extra added incentive for the really committed players out there. Indeed, should they successfully manage to collect enough donuts to access all 15 New Year Resolution before the end of the month, they’ll also be eligible for a mystery prize that Guts aren’t revealing.

The last time Guts Casino ran a promotion like this, the lucky overall winner received a brand new car – and while it’s pretty safe to say that this mystery prize won’t be anywhere near so grand for a challenge with considerably lower requirements, suffice to say the mobile casino rarely ever disappoints.

If all that has already got you salivating at the prospect of winning free spins and mystery prizes, allow us to furnish you with one more key detail about why this promotion is certain to be a huge hit over the coming week – at Guts Casino, you’ll never have any wagering requirements on your spins.

That means that anything players win as a result of the free spins earned in this promotion, they’ll get to keep right away without going through any prohibitive play-through requirements. As such, this offer provides a guaranteed bankroll boost just for doing what you love at Guts Casino, making it the perfect way to ditch those “new year, new you” plans and get back to online self-indulgence.

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