Casumo Jackpot As Player Hits Mega Fortune Dreams

Casumo Jackpot As Player Hits Mega Fortune Dreams.

We love a good jackpot story here at, and last month’s news that an Irish player had struck the Casumo jackpot by winning the top prize on Mega Fortune Dreams at Casumo Casino certainly didn’t disappoint.

The story had everything – a colossal prize payout, an unintentional health warning and even a rare bought of good Irish weather – making it far and away the feel-good online casino hit of 2018 so far.

The lucky winner in question is named Lee and is no stranger to big wins on the site. That being said, even he couldn’t have expected that he would land a €137,400 jackpot payout during his lunch break.

A roofer by trade, Lee had decided to take advantage of a rare break in the country’s typical February showers to enjoy his half-hour lunch break in the midday sun on top of the house he was working on.

Chowing down on a sandwich, Lee took out his mobile device and made a small deposit at the site he’d already been enjoying playing at for several months up until this point. With little time to spare from the job, Lee decided to bet aggressively on the popular NetEnt slots – and boy, did it soon pay off!

Wagering €6 a spin on the progressive jackpot slot, it wasn’t long before Lee successfully landed three scatter symbols and triggered the game’s Wheel of Bonus feature. It was here – with his fate in the hands of the gods – that Lee watched on as the unthinkable happened and all his prize dreams aligned.

Progressing from the outer wheel through two concentric rings, Lee couldn’t believe his luck as a final advance arrow showed up and he made it all the way to the fabled Mega Jackpot centre. Nearly choking on his sandwich, the lucky Irishman could only watch as his jackpot payout soared upwards.

“I couldn’t believe it at first,” said Lee of the win. “I was eating a sandwich at the time and nearly choked on it when I saw the money flash up. ‘What is happening here?’ I said to myself. I didn’t utter a word to anybody at the time. The first thing I’m going to do is book a family holiday to Disney Land!”

Any More Jackpots At Casumo?

Although Lee was the lucky beneficiary of a Mega Fortune Dreams this time out, there are still plenty of progressive prize pools waiting to be hit at Casumo Casino. Why not fire up the site today and see if you can follow in his footsteps by winning a Casumo jackpot prize that will certainly keep a roof over your head.

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