Mega Fortune Dreams Awards Another Multi-Million Jackpot

Mega Fortune Dreams Awards Another Multi-Million Jackpot.

If you’re a regular reader of our mobile slot casino news, you’ll no doubt be aware that one title appears more often than any other when it comes to discussing seven-figure jackpot payouts.  The game in question is NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams awards as it does some massive jackpots – and wouldn’t you just know it, the progressive jackpot title came through for us again last week as a Finnish player scooped €4,009,504.

Known to the press only as ‘Heidi’, the 28-year-old Finn had settled down for a decent session playing the popular high life-themed video slot, but her plans were cut short when within just six spins, she’d already found her way onto Mega Fortune Dreams’ wheel of fortune-style bonus board.

Made of three concentric reels and a sweet jackpot centre, players start on the outermost circle and work their way towards the middle. More often than not, you’ll land a cash prize and that’ll be that, but if you’re lucky, you’ll stop on an arrow icon and advance to the next reel. Here, the prizes get significantly bigger, but the process is essentially the same – collect a win or hit an arrow to advance.

Hitting a second arrow will take you onto the smaller golden reel where four-figure prizes are on offer, but one fateful space stands out from all the others – the bright red arrow that leads to the jackpot centre. This is exactly what ‘Heidi’ managed to land on her one and only trip to the bonus board, and before she even knew what was going on, the machine was counting up her winnings.

Although the Finnish player was undoubtedly over the moon with the seven-figure prize, ‘Heidi’ has been surprisingly coy about her life-changing win and is yet to comment to the press about what she intends to do with the money. If, however, we’re taking the theme of Mega Fortune Dreams as an indicator of what she might get up to, there are certainly diamonds and champagne in her future!

If you’d like to follow in ‘Heidi’s now very well-heeled footsteps, we’d recommend checking out Mega Fortune Dreams at LeoVegas Casino, where you can take advantage of a great first deposit match bonus and plenty of free spins. On the other hand, with the progressive jackpot fund having only just been emptied, you might be better off chasing Microgaming’s notorious Mega Moolah jackpot, which currently stands at a phenomenal £9.1 million and can be found over at Guts Casino.

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