Rabcat Castle Builder II Slot Coming Soon

Rabcat Castle Builder II Slot Coming Soon.

While there are always a plethora of casino news articles detailing new slot releases on MobileCasinoMan.com each month, we’re willing to admit that this latest one from Rabcat Gaming has got us a little excited.

The reason for that is the new release is the sequel to the hugely inventive Castle Builder, a five-reel, 15-payline video slot that allowed players to create their own kingdom in an engaging “pick me” bonus feature. Although massively popular, the game fell flat in a few respects – namely it’s unfulfilled promise of a coherent narrative and its relatively small payouts – but this time, thing may be different.

Clearly learning from the mistakes they made first time round, Rabcat have promised to address the flaws from the original game in Castle Builder II by including a greater selection of features, an actual storyline and a massive game world that will encourage social gaming through avatars and collectibles.

According to Rabcat: “Players will start by choosing one of three avatars, each with their own feature set and storyline, and embark into 15 kingdoms with over 300 characters”. If the game actually delivers on such lofty promises, we could finally be witnessing the title that brings slots into the mainstream.

As with the original Castle Builder, the focus in Castle Builder II will be erecting ornate palaces and helping princesses find worthy suitors. The better structures you build and the more successful your match-making proves to be, the greater the cash rewards you’ll claim as you move from town to town.

To help keep your bankroll afloat while you’re attempting to activate this main feature, Castle Builder II will also include expanding wilds and a free spins – instantly making it far more varied than the previous incarnation and ensuring that no matter what your tastes, there’ll be a bonus you can enjoy.

So when does the new slot officially make its debut? Well, Microgaming – the software company that exclusively licenses out Rabcat games – have pencilled in an April 19 release date across their network, giving you plenty of time to revisit the original title and remember exactly what made it such a hit.

The good news is that you can find the first Castle Builder game at the vast majority of our recommended mobile casinos – so if you don’t already have a preferred place to play, why not have a browse through our comprehensive review section and pick out the best welcome package for you?

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